The New Members Class is a great way to get to know more about Oxford Bible Fellowship and meet some of our church leaders.  It's also the initial step in the membership process. The next member's class is to-be-determined.  If you are interested in church membership, please contact us.

Why Church Membership?

If we are in Christ, we are in His Church.  Becoming a member of a local church is a public and clear expression of our union with Christ, and it’s a glorious opportunity to experience the love, care and spiritual growth that comes from being a part of the family of God. 

Membership is a commitment - our commitment to you and your commitment to us.  And, it’s a commitment that’s worth it. Make that commitment to become fully engaged in Christ and in His church.  

Membership Process

  1. Attend the New Members Class.
  2. Complete a Membership Application. 
  3. Interview with an Elder.
  4. Be welcomed into membership during a service.

Categories of Membership

Voting Membership is for those residing in the Oxford area on a permanent or semi-permanent basis.  This membership gives voting privileges.

Associate Membership is for those residing in the Oxford area on a short-term basis. It allows students, visiting professors and other transient people to enjoy membership in the church. Associate members may still retain full membership in their home church.

Youth Membership is designed for young people under the age of 18 and is intended to help fully engage our youth in the life of the church.