Follow Jesus

We want you to follow Jesus, leaving behind the old and embracing the new life that Jesus wants to give you. On the other side of following Jesus is abundant life. This is an invitation to new life and freedom in Jesus.

Gather for Worship

We want to create space in your life to enjoy and experience the person and presence of Jesus with other people. We gather to worship Jesus through biblical preaching, singing, and developing meaningful relationships. So whether you gather with us in person or online, we want you to experience a new kind of community.

Join a Group

We put a high value on relationships and creating smaller environments where people can go deeper with each other. Getting together with a small group of people is a place for you to develop life-giving relationships with others. Joining a growth group is key to your ongoing spiritual growth.

Invite a Friend

Jesus is just too good to keep Him to ourselves. When Jesus captures your attention, you want to invite others to come and see! Invite a friend to follow Jesus, gather with you for worship, or join your group.

Join a Team

We all get to be part of fulfilling the mission God has given us. God has uniquely designed you for a unique purpose. Using your gifts in fulfilling the mission is extraordinarily gratifying and gives unlimited growth potential.

Live Generously

Giving is not something we want from you but for you. Giving is an expression of gratitude for God’s gift of salvation. There are many ways to express gratitude but living generously is a powerful way for us to say ‘thank you, Jesus’.