Our Vision

Our desire is to bring glory to God by leading as many people as possible into a dynamic growing relationship with Jesus Christ. 

Our dream is to be a church where every person can experience real change through Jesus. And to raise up and release resilient followers of Jesus Christ.

WE believe  That GOD alone brings RESTORation to OUR LIVES, OUR RELATIONSHIPS AND OUR WORLD for his glory. 

Our Values

Our values are a way to describe how we fulfill our God-given vision.  They are expressive of how we do what we do.

Live GenerouslyWe will take the lower place of service for the greater good of another person.

Elevate Relationships: We will be intentional with our time and who God has put in our direct area of influence. 

Battle Mediocrity: We will not allow something good to stand in the way of what could be great.

Make it Happen: We will do what others are only talking about doing.

Look to Innovate: We believe that our identity is not based on my successes or failures but in Christ alone.