Coming up in July

The construction on our new facility is moving along! We are eager and excited to start meeting again in-person once construction is completed near the end of July.  Until that time we will continue with our online only worship gatherings and will be focusing in the month of July on getting everything in order to open the doors of our new and renovated facility.  

Below are the "3 plays" we developed to call during this time of transition. We developed 'plays' instead of 'phases' because much like in football or basketball, we wanted options based on a variety of variables that are unique to Oxford Bible Fellowship.  And much like in a sport, not all plays in the playbook are used or needed. 

Play 1: OxBF @ Home (current):

We have currently called Play 1. This play will remain in effect until construction is completed and for all future worship gatherings. We will continue a live stream worship gathering for the future.  Even when we do start meeting in person again, if you prefer to stay at home you can stay plugged in and engaged with one of our worship gatherings.  

As stated above our online only worship gatherings will extend until construction is completed near the end of July

Play 2: OxBF in the neighborhood (July 19):

Coming up on July 19 we have five OxBF Community Opportunity sites!  Here is more information about the various sites and how to sign up. 

Play 3: OxBF in our new ministry space (coming post-construction):

Once construction is completed and we are able to fully return to our building, we will have additional space to spread out for our worship gatherings.  We will have seating in our Worship Center, in the new Loft, and possible other locations in the building where we can practice physical distancing 

More specific details will come soon about worship gathering times and protocols. 

As always we ask that you please stay home if you are experiencing any type of symptoms of coughing, sneezing, fever, nausea, achiness, any flu-like symptom, or anything that may be contagious. We love you but will see you soon!

The spiritual and physical health of our members and guests is our priority at Oxford Bible Fellowship. If you need prayer or have a physical need, please reach out to the staff or leadership of the church.