coming up in january...

January 5: Curious Obsession - Matthew 4:18-22 // Pastor Garrett Nates

January 12: Curious Obsession - Matthew 8:18-22 // Pastor Garrett Nates

January 19: Curious Obsession - Matthew 9:9-13 // Pastor Garrett Nates

January 26: Curious Obsession -  Matthew 11:25-30 // Pastor Garrett Nates

8 Week Matthew Reading Plan and Prayer


Church, let's all start the year with 8 weeks of prayer and reading through the gospel of Matthew.  Our hope is that all of us would be encouraged in his or her relationship with Jesus Christ through the regular reading of God's Word. This reading plan will guide you through the gospel of Matthew as we journey through our Curious Obsession sermon series with Pastor Garrett. The plan provides you with suggested Scripture readings for each week. Check the link for the suggested reading plan for our OBF kids as well. 

Children's reading plan through the gospel of Matthew.

Week 1: Matthew 1 - 5

Week 2: Matthew 6 - 8

Week 3: Matthew 9

Week 4: Matthew 10

Week 5: Matthew 11 - 13

Week 6: Matthew 14 & 15

Week 7: Matthew 16 - 18

Annual celebration

january 26 @4:00 pm

Our Annual Celebration will be January 26 at 4:00 PM. There will be an Informational Meeting on January 19 at 4:00 PM for an expanded time to ask questions about the budget and any other items that will be considered. 

Pick up your copy of the Annual Celebration packet this Sunday, January 12.