Rev it Up

Since the beginning of 2018, Oxford Bible Fellowship has been pursuing a 2-year giving initiative called Rev it Up. It's an aggressive and courageous initiative that positions us as a church to 'accelerate a culture of generosity', 'impact our generation', and 'grow our future'. In February 2018, a group of people joined together and made a financial commitment to pursue these initiatives.

As a leadership team we rejoice that many of you are giving intentionally, sacrificially, radically, and generously to Rev it Up! We are all growing in the grace of giving. God is moving!

We encourage everyone to pray about increasing their original commitment OR making a special one-time gift that could really push us forward!

You can still make a commitment to Rev it Up.  To get more information, click here. OR to start giving now go to Give to find out how easy it is to start.