God has given each of us financial resources. When we give our financial resources we are making an eternal investment in spiritual outcomes. Your generosity supports our ministries so that people can begin to experience the life-changing power of the Gospel. Your generosity supports our missions, so that we can reach out with the Gospel to our campus, community and world.  

For the next two years, we are launching into a fresh season of ministry that we are calling REV IT UP. We want to push on the ministry accelerator, trusting that God is not done with us but that He has tremendous things in store that are just around the bend. 


*To set up reoccurring giving, give by checking account or review your giving history, please log in to CCB.

What is the Rev it Up Initiative?

The Rev it Up Initiative is a campaign specifically designed to ‘accelerate a culture of generosity’.  We want everyone to experience the generosity of God in the gospel of Jesus Christ. This good news is the life-changing message that inspires us to be part of God’s work in our neighborhoods and the nations! Living a generous life is an incredible way to experience the kind of transformed life we have through God’s love.


Our aim in this initiative is to give boldly in order to fund two unique missional objectives to "Impact Our Generation" and "Grow Our Future".  By God's grace, we have been given the opportunity to pursue and fulfill these objectives at unprecedented levels and leverage our location to fulfill our vision of transformation.


To give now to Rev it Up, you can make a donation safely and securely through our online service. Or if you prefer, you can mail a check to the church or give at one of our Sunday services.

Oxford Bible Fellowship

800 S. Maple St.

Oxford, OH 45056


For more detailed information about the specifics of the campaign, please check out


So are you ready?


Let’s Rev it Up!