Our Rhythms

  • We gather for worship to connect communally and personally with God. The aim of our gathered worship is to exalt Christ through the singing of songs, hymns, and spiritual songs and to hear the clear exposition of the Bible.  

  • We grow in Christ by intentionally taking the time to build healthy,  grace-filled relationships with one another in multi-generational small groups as well as in men, women, college, high schoolmiddle school and children's ministries. In these environments, we seek to live out the Biblical 'one another's' and spur each other on in our spiritual growth. 

  • We give of our time,  talents and treasure as a catalyst for personal and social transformation in service to others in the church and outside the church.  We aim to serve our local community by investing in organizations that are working to meet the practical needs of people in our broader community.  

  • We go into the world and in our areas of cultural influence with a passion for how the gospel of Jesus Christ can be a catalyst for cultural transformation. We aim to take bold and courageous steps of faith and personal action in order to participate in God’s mission of transformation locally and globally.